Golden Horseshoe Riding Club

Welcome to G.H.R.C.


Tri-City (Kitchener area) Chapter

Now Open


The Golden Horseshoe Riding Club is free to join.

We are a family Oriented Motorcycle Riding Club

that uses the internet to communicate and

focuses on enjoyment, friendship and riding

motorcycles safely. The Golden Horseshoe R.C. is

not an Internet club for Motorcycle Enthusiasts.


Our members are from Niagara,Hamilton,Toronto

and all points in between. With chapters in Hamilton,

Oakville and our newest chapter in Kitchener the Tri-

City Chapter.

We also have members in the United States. We are based in

Ontario Canada and welcome members from all

over Canada and the U.S. If you are interested in

starting a chapter in your city, please contact us

by filling out the "apply for chapter" under

the "join us" banner. Please read our constitution



The Golden Horseshoe Riding Club is for

everyone who enjoys riding with a club, policies

are simple.

  • No Dues or Fees
  • Support your club as much as you can.
  • Respect other members and other clubs
  • At GHRC you will never be a number,we do not give out membership numbers,we use your name.


 Whether you ride a Harley, Honda, Kawasaki or

any other street legal motorcycle, you will be

welcome at the Golden Horseshoe R.C. Our Club

Patch is optional and is available for purchase by

talking to your Officers. We also promote

motorcycle safety rules, and

under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we be

involved in any illegal activities.


 You do not have to join for your first ride, if you

would like to continue riding you should consider

joining to show your support. If you’re a proud

member show your support by wearing the club




 GHRC has many lady members, these

ladies like to set up lady only rides from

time to time, so if your like to ride with like

minded people, GHRC might be of interest

to you.



The following link is to help riders understand

the difference between RC & MC. Please take the

time to read this, it is a great way to understand

the differences.



Support underground BIC biker radio



 The GHRC is a proud member of Ontario Confederation of Clubs.